Chesapeake PETS


#CPETS21 Presidents Elect Training for Rotary

Districts 7600 – 7610 – 7620 – 7630

Virtual Event: March 4 – 6, 2021


Chesapeake PETS Chair, 2020-2021

Claude Morissette

Welcome to Chesapeake Presidents Elect Training Seminar 2021 (Chesapeake PETS, or CPETS). And special congratulations to the incoming club Presidents on being selected to lead your club for Rotary Year 2021/22 as Rotary #LeadersOfAction!

On behalf of the entire CPETS Planning Committee, we are eager to prepare and inspire you for your leadership roles that begin on July 1, with our training curriculum as set forth by Rotary International and customized with your District Governor Elect’s input over the past year.

Attending Presidents Elect Training Seminar is a requirement of every incoming Rotary club President. Chesapeake PETS also includes a leadership training track for district leaders including Assistant Governors Elect, District Governors Nominee, and Presidents Nominee. For club Presidents, your training and planning started with Pre-PETS at your district-level with your colleagues. Now you will spend 2.5 days with more than 220 other Presidents Elect from Districts 7600, 7610, 7620, and 7630 in Virginia, Martland, District of Columbia, and Delaware. Our concentrated leadership training features top Rotary speakers and facilitators and provides you with the opportunity to learn from them and from your peers.

Our CPETS Planning Committee — especially your Distrct Governors Elect — is honored to serve with you.  We  pledge to make our time together a worthwhile leadership and networking opportunity to inspire you to lead your clubs.

In Rotary Service,

Claude Morissette

Chair, Chesapeake PETS 2020 and 2021
Past District Governor, Rotary 7620
Rotary Club of Potomac MD

The District Governor Elects of Chesapeake PETS

Deborah Wall
District Governor Elect, D7600
EmailDistrict Website
Patricia Borowski
District Governor Elect, D7610
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Geetha Jayaram
District Governor Elect, D7620
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H. Hugh Dawkins
District Governor Elect, D7630
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